Grow Agile Beyond the Team into the Enterprise

Know the common scaling hurdles and roadblocks and proactively address them.

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Not tailoring your scaling solutions to your unique context causes:

  • Increase in churn because artifacts not ready for handoff or not meeting expectations will require additional sprints for rework.
  • Delayed project completion due to the team’s inability to self-organize themselves to overcome high numbers of stage gates or impediments that are beyond their control to solve.
  • Slow stakeholder decision-making process because of the churning of ideas from conflicting perspectives and viewpoints.

Successfully scaling agile up in your enterprise results in:

  • Improved relationships between stakeholders and project teams through collaboration.
  • Increased transparency behind decisions made by stakeholders.
  • Revealed communication, governance, and development issues in existing processes.

Module 1: Identify Your Agile Scaling Impediments

The Purpose

  • Discuss the common misinterpretations and benefits with scaling up agile.
  • Learn about the various industry agile frameworks.
  • Conduct a retrospective with agile coaches to identify current and potential scaling impediments.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Insights on your readiness to scale agile up in the enterprise.
  • Grounded definition of business value.
  • Shortlist of agile scaling impediments to be immediately addressed.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Clarify common misunderstandings around agile.
  • Organization and team readiness assessment to scale agile.
1.2 Be prepared to initially see a temporary drop in productivity.
  • List of high priority communication, governance, and development technique issues to address in the scaling project.
1.3 Identify your level of readiness to begin scaling up agile.
  • Definition of business value.
1.4 Determine your high priority agile scaling impediments.

Module 2: Address Your Issues

The Purpose

  • Find the root causes for each of your communication, governance, and development technique issues.
  • Develop and tailor scaling user stories for the solutions to address your issues.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identification of the sources to your high priority scaling issues.
  • Scaling user stories tailored to your context.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Conduct a root cause analysis to identify the source of your challenges.
  • Agile scaling user stories.
2.2 Identify and understand your communication, governance, and development technique issues.
2.3 Begin tailoring solutions to address your agile scaling issues.
2.4 Write your agile scaling user stories.

Module 3: Implement and Monitor Your Scaling Initiatives

The Purpose

  • Create your prioritized scaling backlog for implementation.
  • Continuously monitor the implementation of your solutions.
  • Generate new solutions based on feedback from retrospectives and metrics.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identification of agile scaling solutions to be addressed in upcoming sprints.
  • List of metrics to measure the success of your scaling initiatives.
  • Tips to consider during the implementation of your user stories.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Review and size your scaling user stories with your team of agile coaches.
  • Sized and prioritized agile scaling backlog.
3.2 Prioritize your scaling user stories.
  • Monitoring plan for your agile scaling project.
3.3 Prepare a list of high-level costs for your upcoming sprints.
3.4 Communicate upcoming changes with a comprehensive communication plan.
3.5 Gather and analyze your metrics during your scaling sprints.
3.6 Conduct a retrospective to review your scaling initiatives and establish next steps.

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