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In today’s connected world, continuous optimization of enterprise applications to realize your digital strategy is key.

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Workday implementations draw a lot of resources and focus initially but over time can lose their appeal.

  • Enterprise applications often involve large capital outlay and unquantified benefits.
  • Workday is a big system integrating with numerous sources of data and systems.
  • Add to that poor processes and lack of training, and user dissatisfaction is common.

ERP optimization is essential to stay competitive and productive in today’s digital environment.

  • Regularly assessing your Workday portfolio will align the application to the business objectives.
  • Validate Workday capabilities, user satisfaction, data quality, vendor management, and costs to build out an optimization strategy.

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Module 1: Define Your Workday Application Vision

The Purpose

Define your workday application vision.

Key Benefits Achieved

Set the foundation for optimizing Workday by building a cross-functional team, aligning with organizational strategy, inventorying current system state, defining your timeframe, and exploring current costs.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify stakeholders and build your optimization team.
  • Workday optimization team
1.2 Build an ERP strategy model.
  • Workday business model
  • Workday optimization goals
1.3 Inventory current system state.
  • System inventory and data flow
  • Application and business capabilities list
1.4 Define optimization timeframe.
  • Workday optimization timeline
1.5 Understand Workday costs.

Module 2: Map Current-State Capabilities

The Purpose

Map current-state capabilities.

Key Benefits Achieved

Measure the state of your current Workday system to understand where it is not performing well.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Assess Workday capabilities.
  • Workday capability gap analysis
2.2 Review your satisfaction with the vendor/product and willingness for change.
  • Workday user satisfaction (application portfolio assessment)
  • Workday SoftwareReviews survey results
  • Workday current costs

Module 3: Assess Workday

The Purpose

Assess Workday.

Key Benefits Achieved

Explore underperforming areas to:

  • Uncover where user satisfaction is lacking and possible root causes.
  • Identify process and workflows that are creating issues for end users and identify improvement options.
  • Understand where data issues are occurring and explore how you can improve these.
  • Identify integration points and explore if there are any areas of improvement.
  • Investigate your relationship with the vendor and product, including that relative to others.
  • Identify any areas for cost optimization (optional).

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Prioritize optimization opportunities.
  • Product and vendor satisfaction opportunities
  • Capability and feature optimization opportunities
  • Process optimization opportunities
  • Integration optimization opportunities
  • Data optimization opportunities
  • Workday cost-saving opportunities
3.2 Discover optimization initiatives.

Module 4: Build the Optimization Roadmap

The Purpose

Build the optimization roadmap.

Key Benefits Achieved

Understanding where you need to improve is the first step, now understand where to focus your optimization efforts, build out next steps and put a timeframe in place.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Build your optimization roadmap.
  • Workday optimization roadmap
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