Exploit Disruptive Infrastructure Technology

New technology will disrupt IT infrastructure, putting your role and your company at risk. Develop a simple exploitation process that prepares for emerging technology before it’s too late.

Onsite Workshop

Four key challenges make it essential for you to become a champion for exploiting disruptive technology:

  • New technology can hit like a meteor
  • Your role is endangered
  • Predicting the future is challenging
  • Communication is difficult when the sky is falling

Analyzing disruptive technology will help you:

  • Future-proof IT
  • Avoid investing in soon-to-be obsolete hardware
  • Communicate so that the business will listen

Module 1: Initiate the Disruptive Technology Process

The Purpose

  • Hold your first disruptive technology working group meeting.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Our analysts will run the meeting for you, taking your visionaries and core working group members through the futurist training deck.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Start the meeting with introductions
1.2 Train the group to think like Futurists
1.3 Brainstorm about disruptable processes
  • Longlist of disruptable processes
1.4 Brainstorm a longlist
  • Initial longlist of disruptive technologies
1.5 Research and brainstorm separate longlists

Module 2: Evaluate Disruptive Technologies

The Purpose

  • Cut through the hype to create a longlist and shortlist suitable for your organization’s context.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Leverage our expertise while creating your disruptive technology shortlist.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Converge the longlists developed by your team
  • Finalized longlist
2.2 Map the technologies on your longlist to disruptable processes
2.3 Narrow the longlist to a shortlist
  • Shortlist
2.4 Perform a SWOT analysis
2.5 Assess readiness and value
  • Completed initial assessment and tech categorizations

Module 3: Create an Action Plan

The Purpose

  • Determine next steps for the working group to take after the workshop.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Receive our advice on how best to act on each technology in your shortlist.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Create a list of actions for each technology
  • List of tasks to be completed
3.2 Collaborate and assign tasks to group members
  • Initialized Gantt and RACI charts
3.3 Set realistic goals
  • Project success criteria

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