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Establish an Effective IT Steering Committee

Have the right people making the right decisions to drive IT success.

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Not having an IT steering committee can lead to:

  • Lack of alignment between the business and IT
  • Lack of accountability for decision making, especially by the business
  • IT projects not meeting target project metrics

Effectively establishing an IT steering committee leads to:

  • Dramatic improvements in your business satisfaction
  • Alignment between the business and IT through joint accountability
  • Involvement and commitment of executive management through clearly defined roles and accountabilities for IT decisions

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Module 1: Build the IT Steering Committee

The Purpose

  • Lay the foundation for your IT steering committee (ITSC) by surveying your stakeholders and identifying the opportunities and threats to implementing your ITSC.

Key Benefits Achieved

  •  An understanding of the business environment affecting your future ITSC and identification of strategies for engaging with stakeholders

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Launch stakeholder survey for business leaders.
  • Report on business leader governance priorities and awareness
1.2 Analyze results with an Info-Tech advisor.
1.3 Identify opportunities and threats to successful IT steering committee implementation.
1.4 Develop the fit-for-purpose approach.
  • Refined workshop agenda

Module 2: Define the ITSC Goals

The Purpose

  • Define the goals and roles of your IT steering committee.
  • Plan the responsibilities of your future committee members.

Key Benefits Achieved

  •  Groundwork for completing the steering committee charter

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Review the role of the IT steering committee.
  • IT steering committee key responsibilities and participants identified
2.2 Identify IT steering committee goals and objectives.
  • IT steering committee priorities identified
2.3 Conduct a SWOT analysis on the five governance areas
2.4 Define the key responsibilities of the ITSC.
2.5 Define ITSC participation.

Module 3: Define the ITSC Charter

The Purpose

  • Document the information required to create an effective ITSC Charter.
  • Create the procedures required for your IT steering committee.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities for your steering committee
  • Completed IT Steering Committee Charter document

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Build IT steering committee participant RACI.
  • IT steering committee charter: procedures, agenda, and RACI
3.2 Define your responsibility cadence and agendas.
3.3 Develop IT steering committee procedures.
3.4 Define your IT steering committee purpose statement and goals.
  • Defined purpose statement and goals

Module 4: Define the ITSC Process

The Purpose

  • Define and test your IT steering committee processes.
  • Get buy-in from your key stakeholders through your stakeholder presentation.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Stakeholder understanding of the purpose and procedures of IT steering committee membership

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Define your high-level IT steering committee processes.
  • IT steering committee SIPOC maps
4.2 Conduct scenario testing on key processes, establish ITSC metrics.
4.3 Build your ITSC stakeholder presentation.
  • Refined stakeholder presentation
4.4 Manage potential objections.

Module 5: Define Project Prioritization Criteria

The Purpose

Key Benefits Achieved

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Create prioritization criteria
  • IT Steering Committee Project Prioritization Tool
5.2 Customize the project prioritization tool
5.3 Pilot test the tool
5.4 Define action plan and next steps
  • Action plan
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