Optimize Your Application Architecture

Ensure your application architecture reflects stakeholders' needs.

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Omitting quality attributes and solely focusing on functionality in your application architecture design can lead to:

  • Costly application and system changes due to the poor scalability and reusability of the application architecture.
  • The application system being unable to support the increased load of service and data requests, which can drive down the system’s performance.
  • Development teams focusing significant time and effort maintaining the application system, instead of working on new projects.

A high quality and valuable application architecture can enable you to:

  • Capture stakeholder application and system needs while ensuring they can be sufficiently supported.
  • Proactively prepare and enable development teams to easily accommodate changing stakeholder needs and business and technical environments.
  • Develop insightful references that are pivotal in making and justifying application architecture decisions.

Module 1: Define Your Stakeholder Objectives

The Purpose

  • Gather, understand, and interpret stakeholder objectives for application architecture.
  • Describe the use cases of your application system.
  • Define application architecture quality attributes in your context.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Clear understanding of the stakeholder objectives and quality attributes driving your application architecture.
  • Consensus of the scope of the application architecture design.
  • In-depth knowledge of the application functionalities supporting business capabilities.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Understand stakeholder objectives.
  • List of stakeholder objectives
1.2 Clarify application functionalities.
  • Use-case view of application system
1.3 Define quality attributes.
  • Application architecture quality attributes

Module 2: Document Your Current Application Architecture

The Purpose

  • Review your current application architecture through multiple representations.
  • Identify the issues, risks, and opportunities within your current architecture.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Realization and understanding of the complexities of your current application system.
  • Identification of the various areas of concern that can impede your ability to meet architecture requirements.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Document your current state architecture.
  • Multiple representations and views of your current application architecture and list of current constraints
2.2 Review architectural issues, risks, and opportunities.
  • List of architecture issues, risks, and opportunities to address

Module 3: Design Your Target Architecture and Define Your Design Process

The Purpose

  • Design an application architecture target state that addresses current issues, opportunities, and stakeholder functional needs.
  • Create a compelling case for architectural decisions.
  • Define a repeatable application architecture design process.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Creation of a target application architecture that addresses high priority issues and needs.
  • Justification of application architecture design decisions from stakeholder, cost-benefit, and risk perspectives.
  • Well-understood application architecture design process.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Design your target state application architecture options.
  • Target state application architecture design and reference architecture
3.2 Justify your architecture decisions.
  • Stakeholder, cost-benefit, and risk analysis of design options and an implementation timeline
3.3 Define your application architecture process.
  • Application architecture design process

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