Engineer Your Event Management Process

Track monitored events purposefully and respond effectively.

Onsite Workshop

Having a poor event management practice may lead to:

  • Tracking too many events and alerts across multiple tools slows effective response
  • Misunderstood events and alerts with no correlated action
  • Low signal to noise ratio with tracked events

Having a well-scoped and defined event management practice will lead to:

  • Faster response times to potential incidents
  • Faster response times to find incident root causes
  • Better understanding of your system configuration and environment

Module 1: Situate Event Management in Your Service Management Environment

The Purpose

  • Determine goals and challenges for event management and set the scope to business-critical systems.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Defined system scope of Event Management
  • Roles and responsibilities defined

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 List your goals and challenges
1.2 Monitoring and event management RACI
  • Event Management RACI (as part of the Event Management Cookbook)
1.3 Abbreviated business impact analysis
  • Abbreviated BIA (as part of the Event Management Cookbook)

Module 2: Define Your Event Management Scope

The Purpose

  • Define your in-scope configuration items and their operational conditions

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Operational conditions, related CIs and dependencies, and CI thresholds defined

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Define operational conditions for systems
  • Event Management Catalog
2.2 Define related CIs and dependencies
2.3 Define conditions for CIs
2.4 Perform root-cause analysis for complex condition relationships
2.5 Set thresholds for CIs

Module 3: Define Thresholds and Actions

The Purpose

  • Pre-define actions for every monitored event

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Thresholds and actions tied to each monitored event

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Set thresholds to monitor
  • Event Catalog
3.2 Add actions and handoffs to event management
  • Event Management Workflows

Module 4: Start Monitoring and Implement Event Management

The Purpose

  • Effectively implement event management

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Establish an event management roadmap for implementation and continual improvement

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Define your data policy for event management
  • Event Catalog
4.2 Identify areas for improvement and establish an implementation plan
  • Event Management Roadmap

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