Enable Product Delivery – Executive Leadership Workshop

Strengthen product management in your organization through effective executive leadership by focusing product teams on core capabilities and proper alignment.


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Existing company and leadership culture can undermine product teams:

  • Proxy product owners have no real authority.
  • Delivery teams without product management are probably not prioritizing the items that have the highest alignment to enterprise goals.
  • Without understanding the fundamentals of product management and delivery, even the best intentions can degrade team performance.

Start your product transition with the right alignment:

  • Understand the foundations for successful product management and product delivery.
  • Commit to empowering product teams and building effective product families.
  • Become an enabler of Agile culture and embrace business agility.

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Module 1: Understanding Your Top Challenges

The Purpose

Understand the drivers for your product transformation.

Key Benefits Achieved

Define the drivers for your transition to product-centric delivery.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 What is driving your organization to become product focused?
  • List of challenges and drivers

Module 2: Transitioning From Projects to Product-Centric Delivery

The Purpose

Understand the product transformation journey and differences.

Key Benefits Achieved

Identify the cultural, behavioral, and leadership changes needed for a successful transformation.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Define the differences between projects and product delivery
  • List of differences

Module 3: Enterprise Agility and the Value of Change

The Purpose

Understand why smaller iterations increase value realization and decrease accumulated risk.

Key Benefits Achieved

Leverage smaller iterations to reduce time to value and accumulated risk to core operations.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 What is business agility?
  • Common understanding about the value of smaller iterations

Module 4: Defining Products and Product Management in Your Context

The Purpose

Establish an organizational starting definition of products.

Key Benefits Achieved

Tailor product management to meet the needs and vision of your organization.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 What is a product? Who are your consumers?
  • Product definition
4.2 Identify enablers and blockers of product ownership
  • List of enablers and blockers of product ownership
4.3 Define a set of guiding principles for product management
  • Set of guiding principles for product management

Module 5: Connecting Product Management to Agile Practices

The Purpose

Understand the relationship between product management and product delivery.

Key Benefits Achieved

Optimize product management to prioritize the right changes for the right people at the right time.

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Discussions
  • Common understanding

Module 6: Commit to Empowering Agile Product Teams

The Purpose

Personalize and commit to supporting product teams.

Key Benefits Achieved

Embrace leadership and cultural changes needed to empower and support teams.

Activities: Outputs:
6.1 Your management culture
  • Your management culture map
6.2 Personal Cultural Stop, Start, and Continue
  • Personal Cultural Stop, Start, and Continue list
6.3 Now, Next, Later to support product owners
  • Now, Next, Later roadmap
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