Enable Organization-Wide Collaboration by Scaling Agile

Execute a disciplined approach to rolling out Agile methods in the organization.

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By not addressing fragmented expectations of Agile development and the intricacies of your organization’s structure and projects:

  • Individual development teams may optimize their own processes and tools without considering the effects on dependent teams or misalignment with business objectives.
  • Successful practices seen in other pilot teams will be implemented without considering differences in context, environments, goals, and constraints.
  • Significant effort and time is spent coordinating large and numerous development teams, which may distract teams from delivering business value.

Following well-defined and grounded development, planning, and collaboration practices when scaling Agile initiatives can:

  • Alleviate bottlenecks, constraints, and tension in current Agile development processes and organizational structures to ensure your teams have a solid foundation to scale Agile.
  • Develop realistic and accurate product release plans based on key insights from multiple roles and functions to proactively address task and team dependencies.
  • Ensure functional groups or business units are striving toward and achieving the same business and development objectives by focusing on a common set of principles and behaviors.

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Module 1: Gauge Your Readiness to Scale Up Agile

The Purpose

  • Identify the business objectives and functional group drivers for adopting Agile practices to gauge the fit of scaling Agile.
  • Select the pilot project to demonstrate the value of scaling Agile.
  • Review and evaluate your current Agile development process and functional group structure.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understanding of the notable business and functional group gaps that can derail the scaling of Agile.
  • Selection of a pilot program that will be used to gather metrics to continuously improve implementation and obtain buy-in for wider rollout.
  • Realization of the root causes behind functional group and process issues in the current Agile implementation.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Assess your pilot functional group
  • Fit assessment of functional group to pilot Agile scaling
  • Selection of pilot program
  • List of critical success factors

Module 2: Define Your Scaled Agile Target State

The Purpose

  • Think of solutions to address the root causes of current communication and process issues that can derail scaling initiatives.
  • Brainstorm opportunities to enhance the delivery of business value to customers.
  • Generate a target state for your scaled Agile implementation.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Defined Agile capabilities and services of your functional group.
  • Optimized functional group team structure, development process, and program framework to support scaled Agile in your context.
  • Identification and accommodation of the risks associated with implementing and executing Agile capabilities.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Define Agile capabilities at scale
  • Solutions to scaling issues and opportunities to deliver more business value
  • Agile capability map
2.2 Build your scaled Agile target state
  • Functional group team structure, Agile development process and program framework optimized to support scaled Agile
  • Risk assessment of scaling Agile initiatives

Module 3: Create Your Implementation Plan

The Purpose

  • List metrics to gauge the success of your scaling Agile implementation.
  • Define the initiatives to scale Agile in your organization and to prepare for a wider rollout.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Strategic selection of the right metrics to demonstrate the value of scaling Agile initiatives.
  • Scaling Agile implementation roadmap based on current resource capacities, task complexities, and business priorities.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Create your implementation plan
  • List of metrics to gauge scaling Agile success
  • Scaling Agile implementation roadmap
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