Empower Members Through Digital Engagement

Actively engage citizens and create meaningful interactions with a digital strategy.


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Tribal nations are currently implementing digital in a disjointed and ad hoc manner that makes it difficult to plan and strategize.

  • IT is approached after the project is already underway and it was determined that digitizing was necessary.
  • There is no cohesive engagement with impacted citizens to ensure proper alignment.
  • IT processes and capabilities are not actively considered, setting the strategy and its initiatives up for unnecessary challenges.

When a digital strategy is created and implemented it can lead to greater success:

  • IT and the tribal nation are aligned.
  • Stakeholder input from external and internal groups is considered and actively acknowledged to ensure adoption from impacted members.
  • Analyze what type of digital strategy domain initiative you nation is prepared to create and implement.

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Module 1: Determine Connectivity and Context

The Purpose

  • Ensure that there is strong digital inclusion among your membership so that the digital strategy initiatives can be used and successful.
  • Create a digital strategy working group.
  • Begin to determine the context in which the digital strategy will be created.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Assessed and addressed your nation’s digital divide
  • Identified a group of committed individuals who can provide constant and constructive feedback throughout the digital strategy preparation process
  • Determined a clear context for the strategy

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify your tribal nation’s digital divide.
  • Membership connectivity
1.2 Create a formalized digital strategy working group.
  • A digital strategy working group to leverage throughout the project preparation
1.3 Complete the IT SWOT analysis.
  • Context of the strategy as it relates to IT
1.4 Complete the tribal nation SWOT analysis.
  • Context of the strategy as it relates to the tribal nation

Module 2: Identify Key Value Streams and Capabilities

The Purpose

  • Complete a PESTLE analysis.
  • Create a customized Tribal Nation Reference Architecture.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understanding of the external factors that will influence and impact your strategy
  • A clearly defined reference architecture that provides insight how your tribal nation delivers value and which capabilities and processes can best support value generation

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Complete a PESTLE analysis.
  • Context of external factors as they relate to your tribal nation
2.2 Customize the Tribal Nation Reference Architecture.
  • Completed and customized Tribal Nation Reference Architecture that can inform ongoing decisions

Module 3: Map Customer Journeys

The Purpose

  • Map the customer journey experience.
  • Solicit feedback from internal stakeholders.
  • Engage community members to gain their insight.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An understanding of how potential customers who will interact with the digital strategy initiative will be challenged or positively impacted by the experience
  • Confirmation that the initiatives and challenges your working group has established are in alignment with other members of your nation
  • Feedback from members within different communities of your nation

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Complete the journey mapping activity for each of the potentially impacted personas.
  • Completed journey maps
3.2 Validate initiatives and challenges.
  • A complete and validated list of potential initiatives and challenges based on internal stakeholder input
3.3 Prepare the community meeting agenda.
  • Opportunity to receive feedback from your citizens to ensure the digital strategy will be successfully adopted

Module 4: Analyze the Gaps and Prepare to Create Initiatives

The Purpose

  • This module is intended to ensure that your tribal nation is prepared to move forward with initiatives within the digital strategy domains.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Active consideration of what is needed for digital strategy initiatives for each of the domains and guidance on which domains to pursue.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Analyze the digital strategy gaps.
  • Direction on which of the digital strategy domains your tribal nation is most prepared create and implement initiatives around
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