Elevate Your Vendor Management Initiative

Transform your VMI from tactical to strategic to maximize its impact and value.

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Many customers experience frustration and challenges when trying to evolve or mature their vendor management initiative.

  • No formal processes or framework
  • Limited vendor management templates or tools
  • Inconsistent expectations for vendor management between customer and vendor
  • No objective way to determine the customer’s relative importance to their vendors
  • No plan to improve the skills, knowledge, and competencies of VMI team members

The blueprint will help the member continue using the plan, build, run, and review methodology to mature and evolve their vendor management initiative; in addition, the framework is flexible so that the vendor management initiative works with the organization’s goals, objectives, resources, timelines, and constraints.

  • More sophisticated tools and templates for familiar activities such as scorecarding and vendor classification
  • An increased awareness of how important the customer is to its vendors so that vendor management expectations can be realistic
  • Assessing and inventorying team members’ competencies, knowledge, and skills to identify team and individual strengths and weaknesses and to begin creating development plans
  • Tools and templates to help the vendor management increase brand awareness, increase its impact on the organization, and move from tactical to strategic

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Module 1: Plan and Build

The Purpose

Review existing tools and templates and configure new tools and templates.

Key Benefits Achieved

Updated Maturity Assessment and configured tools and templates.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Existing Plan document review and new maturity assessment.
1.2 Optional classification models.
1.3 Customer positioning model.
1.4 Two-way scorecards.
  • Updated Plan documents.
  • New maturity assessment.
  • Configured classification model.
  • Customer positioning for top five vendors.
  • Configured scorecard and feedback form.

Module 2: Build and Run

The Purpose

Configure VMI Tools and Templates.

Key Benefits Achieved

Configured Tools and Templates for the VMI.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Performance improvement plans (PIPs).
2.2 Relationship improvement plans (RIPs).
2.3 Vendor-at-a-Glance reports.
2.4 VMI Personnel Competency Evaluation Tool.
  • Configured Performance Improvement Plan.
  • Configured Relationship Assessment and Relationship Improvement Plan.
  • Configured 60-Second Report and completed Vendor Calendar for one vendor.
  • Configured VMI Personnel Competency Evaluation Tool.

Module 3: Build and Run

The Purpose

Continue configuring VMI Tools and Templates and enhancing VM competencies.

Key Benefits Achieved

Configured Tools and Templates for the VMI and market intelligence to gather.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Internal feedback tool.
3.2 VMI ROI calculation.
3.3 Vendor recognition program.
3.4 Assess the Relationship Landscape.
3.5 Gather market intelligence.
3.6 Improve professional skills.
  • Configured Internal Feedback Tool.
  • General framework for a vendor recognition program.
  • Completed Relationship Landscape Assessment (representative sample).
  • List of market intelligence to gather for top five vendors.

Module 4: Run and Review

The Purpose

Improve the VMI’s brand awareness and impact on the organization; continue to maintain alignment with the overall organization.

Key Benefits Achieved

Raising the organization’s awareness of the VMI, and ensuring the VMI Is becoming more strategic.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Expand professional knowledge.
4.2 Create brand awareness.
4.3 Investigate potential alliances.
4.4 Continue increasing the VMI’s strategic value.
4.5 Review and update (governances, policies and procedures, lessons learned, internal alignment, and leading practices).
  • Branding plan for the VMI.
  • Branding plan for individual VMI team members.
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