Drive Successful Sourcing Outcomes With a Robust RFP Process

Leverage your vendor sourcing process to get better results.

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Many clients experience frustration and challenges for performing RFPs due to the lack of templates, tools, and resources.

  • No formal sourcing process
  • No templates or tool to guide the process
  • Long sourcing durations
  • Inconsistent or confusing evaluation process

Upon completion of this blueprint, the client will achieve a best in class repeatable process with a robust set of templates and tools to obtain the best value with the appropriate risk from their vendor community.

  • Effective process
  • Solid template and tools
  • Maintaining negotiation leverage
  • Vendor Management success
  • Fair and efficient evaluation governance

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Module 1: Foundation for Creating Requirements

The Purpose

Problem Identification

Key Benefits Achieved

Current process mapped and requirements template configured

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Overview and level-setting
  • Map Your Process With Gap Identification
  • Requirements Template
1.2 Identify needs and drivers
  • Map Your Process With Gap Identification
  • Requirements Template
1.3 Define and prioritize requirements
  • Map Your Process With Gap Identification
  • Requirements Template
1.4 Gain business authorization and ensure internal alignment
  • Map Your Process With Gap Identification
  • Requirements Template

Module 2: Creating a Sourcing Process

The Purpose

Define Success Target

Key Benefits Achieved

Baseline RFP and evaluation templates

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Create and issue RFP
  • RFP Calendar Tool
2.2 Evaluate responses/proposals and negotiate the agreement
  • RFP Evaluation Guidebook
2.3 Purchase goods and services
  • RFP Respondent Evaluation Tool

Module 3: Configure Templates

The Purpose

Configure Templates

Key Benefits Achieved

Configured Templates

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Assess and measure
  • Long-Form RFP Template
3.2 Review templates
  • Short-Form RFP Template
  • Excel-Based RFP Template
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