Develop an IT Infrastructure Services Playbook

Automation, SDI, and DevOps – build a cheat sheet to manage a changing Infrastructure & Operations environment.

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Don’t rely on a software tool alone to improve infrastructure service delivery:

  • It is expensive and time consuming to deploy.
  • It difficult to maintain and requires dedicated staff.
  • It will quickly become obsolete if it doesn’t support a solid process.

Build a services playbook that:

  • Standardizes high-demand infrastructure services.
  • Is quick to create and update.
  • Is simple to understand and contains key process information.

Module 1: Define and Prioritize Infrastructure Services

The Purpose

Define and prioritize infrastructure services.

Key Benefits Achieved

Identify candidate services for the Playbook.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define the services you own.
  • Affinity map of infrastructure services
1.2 Prioritize infrastructure services.
  • Service pain points and root causes
  • A list of high-demand infrastructure services

Module 2: Build the Infrastructure Services Playbook

The Purpose

Build workflows and an infrastructure services playbook.

Key Benefits Achieved

Produce a draft infrastructure services playbook.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Design workflow for service delivery.
  • Documented service workflows
2.2 Add steps and requirements to the Services Playbook.
  • Infrastructure Services Playbook

Module 3: Identify Costs and Mature Service Delivery Capabilities

The Purpose

  • Identify costs and mature service delivery capabilities.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Build an infrastructure service rate sheet.
  • Define next steps for infrastructure service capabilities.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Optimize infrastructure cost estimates.
  • Service Rate Sheet
3.2 Mature your I&O organization into a service broker.
  • Master list of infrastructure services
  • Action plan for Playbook implementation

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