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Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy

Drive IT project throughput by throttling resource capacity.

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Without an optimized PPM strategy:

  • Time and money will continue to be wasted on canceled projects, unutilized or over-allocated resources, and poorly prioritized projects.
  • IT and project stakeholders will not have an accurate view of portfolio status.
  • The portfolio of projects may represent a slapdash collection of stakeholder wants and desires rather than a strategically and operationally valuable collection of projects.

With the right PPM strategy you can have:

  • An accurate, realistic picture of portfolio health.
  • The ability to cut down on resource waste.
  • Frequent review of current, accurate, and consistent report data.
  • The ability to prioritize projects based on the organization’s strategic direction as well as resource capacity.

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Module 1: Get Executive Buy-In for Your PPM Strategy

The Purpose

  • Choose the right PPM strategy for your organization and ensure executive buy-in.
  • Set process goals to address PPM strategic expectations and steer the PPM strategic plan.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A right-sized PPM strategy complete with executive buy-in for it.
  • A prioritized list of PPM process goals.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Assess leadership mandate.
  • Choice of PPM strategy and the leadership mandate
1.2 Determine potential resource capacity.
  • Analysis of current project capacity
1.3 Create a project inventory.
  • Analysis of current project demand
1.4 Prepare to communicate your PPM strategy to key stakeholders.
  • PPM Strategic Plan – Executive Brief
1.5 Translate each strategic goal into process goals.
  • PPM strategy-aligned process goals
1.6 Set metrics and preliminary targets for PPM process goals.
  • Metrics and long-term targets for PPM process goals

Module 2: Align PPM Processes to Your Strategic Goals

The Purpose

  • Examine your current-state PPM processes and create a high-level description of the target-state process for each of the five PPM processes within Info-Tech’s PPM framework.
  • Build a sound business case for implementing the new PPM strategy by documenting roles and responsibilities for key PPM activities as well as the time costs associated with them.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Near-term and long-term goals as well as an organizationally specific wireframe for your PPM processes.
  • Time cost assumptions for your proposed processes to ensure sustainability.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Develop and refine the project intake, prioritization, and approval process.
  • Process capability level
2.2 Develop and refine the resource management process.
  • Current-state PPM process description
2.3 Develop and refine the portfolio reporting process.
  • Retrospective examination of the current-state PPM process
2.4 Develop and refine the project closure process
  • Action items to achieve the target states
2.5 Develop and refine the benefits realization process.
  • Time cost of the process at current and target states

Module 3: Complete Your PPM Strategic Plan

The Purpose

  • Perform a PPM tool analysis in order to determine the right tool to support your processes.
  • Estimate the total cost-in-use of managing the project portfolio, as well as the estimated benefits of an optimized PPM strategy.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A right-sized tool selection to help support your PPM strategy.
  • A PPM strategy cost-benefit analysis.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Right-size the PPM tools for your processes.
  • Recommendation for a PPM tool
3.2 Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of implementing the new PPM strategy.
  • Cost-benefit analysis
3.3 Define roles and responsibilities for the new processes.
  • Roles and responsibilities matrix for each PPM process
3.4 Refine and consolidate the near-term action items into a cohesive plan.
  • An implementation timeline for your PPM strategy
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