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Build a product vision your organization can take from strategy through execution.

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As you work to mature your product practices, you run into a number of roadblocks:

  • Producing products that your stakeholders and customers don’t care about.
  • Disappointing customers and missing overall expectations.
  • Competing priorities inside the organization without a common goal.

Creating a real digital product vision has the following impacts:

  • Your vision and dreams are actionable, real, and backed up by data.
  • Aligning everyone around your digital product vision creates a fixed point that everyone looks to as your guiding light.
  • Decisions being made are much more likely to bring you closer to realizing your product vision.
  • There is more trust in your roadmaps, backlogs, and release plans.

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Module 1: Define a Digital Product Vision

The Purpose

Understand the elements of a good product vision and the pieces that back it up.

Key Benefits Achieved

Provide a great foundation for an actionable vision and goals people can align to.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Build out the elements of an effective digital product vision
  • Completed product vision definition for a familiar product via the product canvas

Module 2: Build a Better Backlog

The Purpose

Define the standards and approaches to populate your product backlog that support your vision and overall strategy.

Key Benefits Achieved

A prioritized backlog with quality throughout that enables alignment and the operationalization of the overall strategy.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Introduction to key activities required to support your digital product vision
  • Articulate the activities required to support the population and validation of your backlog
2.2 What do we mean by a quality backlog?
  • An understanding of what it means to create a quality backlog (quality filters)
2.3 Explore backlog structure and standards
  • Defining the structural elements of your backlog that need to be considered
2.4 Define backlog data, content, and quality filters
  • Defining the content of your backlog and quality standards

Module 3: Build a Product Roadmap

The Purpose

Define standards and procedures for creating and updating your roadmap.

Key Benefits Achieved

Enable your team to create a product roadmap to communicate your product strategy in support of your digital product vision.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Disambiguating backlogs vs. roadmaps
  • Understand the difference between a roadmap and a backlog
3.2 Defining audiences, accountability, and roadmap communications
  • Roadmap standards and agreed-to accountability for roadmaps
3.3 Exploring roadmap visualizations
  • Understand the different ways to visualize your roadmap and select what is relevant to your context

Module 4: Define Your Release, Communication, and Next Steps

The Purpose

  • Build a release plan aligned to your roadmap.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understand what goes into defining a release via the release canvas.
  • Considerations in communication of your strategy.
  • Understand how to frame your vision to enable the communication of your strategy (via an executive summary).

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Lay out your release plan
  • Release canvas
4.2 How to introduce your product vision
  • An executive summary used to introduce other parties to your product vision
4.3 Communicate changes to your strategy
  • Specifics on communication of the changes to your roadmap
4.4 Where do we get started?
  • Your first step to getting started
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