Decide if You Are Ready for SAFe

Approach the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) with open eyes and an open wallet.


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Organizations need to scale Agile delivery, but scaling is very difficult:

  • Waterfall delivery is too slow and risky to match today’s organizational needs.
  • Scrum is effective at the small team level; however, it does not scale effectively.
  • Selecting the wrong scaled Agile framework can reduce productivity and value delivery during the prolonged implementation period.

Developing a fit-for-purpose scaled framework can improve enterprise agility, cross-team dependencies, and value realization:

  • SAFe provides multiple frameworks to scale according to the size and complexity of each organization.
  • SAFe has a wealth of supporting resources and implementation partners to aid in your transformation.
  • Organizations who complete the SAFe transformation report measurable improvements in software delivery.

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Module 1: Understand where SAFe fits into delivery methodologies and SDLCs

The Purpose

  • Understand what is driving your proposed SAFe transformation and if it is the right framework for your organization.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Better understanding of your scaled agile needs and drivers

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define your primary drivers for SAFe.
  • List of primary drivers for SAFe
1.2 Create your own list of pros and cons of SAFe.
  • List of pros and cons of SAFe

Module 2: Determine if you are ready for SAFe

The Purpose

  • Identify factors influencing a SAFe implementation and ensure teams are aware and prepared.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Starting understanding of your organization’s readiness to implement a SAFe framework

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Assess your Agile readiness.
  • Agile readiness assessment results
2.2 Define enablers and blockers of scaling Agile delivery.
  • List of enablers and blockers of scaling Agile delivery
2.3 Estimate your SAFe implementation risk.
  • Estimated SAFe implementation risk
2.4 Start your SAFe implementation plan.
  • High-level SAFe implementation plan template
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