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Create a Work-From-Anywhere Strategy

Ensure short-term survivability while working towards near-term innovation.

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The business has lost confidence in IT:

  • Tech debt was highlighted.
  • Remote work threatened service continuity.
  • IT and the company used quick-wins to make the transition.

Use this opportunity to be proactive:

  • Strengthen IT operations to provide short-term operational value.
  • Become more resilient for the unknown risks of tomorrow.
  • Directly improve users’ day-to-day lives and provide near-term business value.

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Module 1: Define a Target State

The Purpose

Define the direction of your work-from-anywhere strategy and roadmap.

Key Benefits Achieved

Base your decisions on senior leadership and user needs.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify drivers, benefits, and challenges.
1.2 Perform a goals cascade to align benefits to business needs.
  • Desired benefits for work-from-anywhere
1.3 Define a vision and success metrics.
  • Vision statement
  • Mission statement
  • Success metrics
1.4 Define the value IT brings to work-from-anywhere.
  • Value propositions for in-scope user groups

Module 2: Review In-Scope Capabilities

The Purpose

  • Focus on value. Ensure that major applications and IT capabilities will relieve employees’ pains and provide them with gains.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Learn from past mistakes and successes.
  • Increase adoption of resulting initiatives.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Review work-from-anywhere framework and identify capability gaps.
  • SWOT assessment of work-from-anywhere capabilities
2.2 Review diagnostic results to identify satisfaction gaps.
2.3 Record improvement opportunities for each capability.
  • Projects and initiatives to improve capabilities
2.4 Identify deliverables and opportunities to provide value for each.
  • Deliverables and opportunities to provide value for each capability
2.5 Identify constraints faced by each capability.
  • Constraints with each capability

Module 3: Build the Roadmap

The Purpose

  • Build a short-term plan that allows you to iterate on your existing strengths and provide early value to your users.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Provide early value to address operational pain points.
  • Build a plan to provide near-term innovation and business value.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Organize initiatives into phases.
  • Prioritized list of initiatives and phases
3.2 Identify tasks for short-term initiatives.
3.3 Estimate effort with Scrum Poker.
3.4 Build a timeline and tie phases to desired business benefits.
  • Profiles for short-term initiatives
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