Create a Culture of Recognition to Propel IT Performance

Establish informal recognition to drive engagement, improve retention, and increase productivity.

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An non-existent or insufficient recognition program can result in:

  • Disengaged employees.
  • Reduced job satisfaction.
  • Turnover.
  • Employee frustration.

A culture of recognition leads to:

  • A clear understanding of business values and goals.
  • Engaged, satisfied employees.
  • Increased retention.
  • A means to attract new talent.

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Module 1: Build Your Recognition Program

The Purpose

  • Understand the keys to a successful recognition program.
  • Identify pains related to recognition and define tactics to mitigate these pains.
  • Define key behaviors to recognize.
  • Determine right-sized recognition tactics to recognize positive behaviors.
  • Build recognition toolkits to make recognition easy. 

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Defined program vision statement.
  • Identified metrics.
  • Clearly defined behaviors that you will recognize.
  • Determined recognition tactics.
  • A personalized recognition toolkit to provide to management.  

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify recognition characteristics.
1.2 Identify current pains.
1.3 Build recognition vision statement.
  • Recognition Vision Statement
1.4 Analyze current state.
1.5 Define key metrics.
  • Program Metrics
1.6 Determine recognition behaviors.
1.7 Right-size tactics.
  • Recognition Handbook
1.8 Build recognition toolkit.
  • Recognition Toolkit
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