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Choose and Implement a Mobile Strategy

BYOD is only part of a custom-fit mobile strategy; choose the right mix of models, then tie all of your mobile initiatives together.

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Moving forward without an overarching strategy for enterprise mobility leads to:

  • A lack of integration between mobile technologies, processes, and user expectations
  • Higher costs, help desk loads, and user complaints compared to a unified approach
  • Greater security and compliance risks
  • Wasted time from having to start over when initiatives are tackled in the wrong order

A process for developing an overarching strategy for enterprise mobility will provide:

  • A repeatable method for adapting the organization’s approach to mobility to changing trends in mobile technology and user preferences
  • Greater confidence that mobile users are outfitted with the devices and management tools that they need to perform their roles, while avoiding inefficiencies, security risks, and unnecessary costs

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Module 1: Assess the Current Role of Mobility in the Organization

The Purpose

  • Conduct a current-state assessment.
  • Identify pain points of the current approach to mobility.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A breakdown and analysis of the current mobile strategy

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify user personas
  • Current-state description and cost breakdown
1.2 Conduct current-state assessment
1.3 Calculate the total cost of ownership
1.4 Insert mobility module into end-user survey
  • Updated end-user surveys
1.5 Identify pain points
  • Pain points list

Module 2: Identify Goals and Craft the Mobile Strategy

The Purpose

  • Identify enterprise mobility goals.
  • Determine provisioning model mix and choose devices.
  • Complete the Mobility Vision & Business Case. 

Key Benefits Achieved

A business case that articulates your vision for enterprise mobility

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Identify enterprise mobility goals.
  • List of mobility goals
2.2 Determine provisioning model mix.
  • Completed Mobility Vision & Business Case Template
2.3 Determine the future state and calculate the TCO for alternative approaches.
2.4 Finalize and communicate the organization’s strategic vision for mobility.

Module 3: Develop Initiatives and Finalize the Mobile Strategy

The Purpose

  • Brainstorm mobile initiatives.
  • Construct a mobile strategy roadmap.
  • Finalize and publish the mobile strategy. 

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A comprehensive mobile strategy and roadmap, encompassing provisioning models, devices, management, training, and support. 

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Brainstorm mobile initiatives.
  • List of specific initiatives and milestones for each project phase
3.2 Construct a mobile strategy roadmap.
  • Complete comprehensive project roadmap
3.3 Finalize and publish the mobile strategy.
  • Published mobile strategy and a plan to execute it
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