Build Your Data Practice and Platform

Construct a scalable data foundation

Onsite Workshop

IT faces these common obstacles:

  • The complex nature of data investment leads to de-scoping and delivery of data services that do not meet business needs/give value to the business.
  • Formalization of the practice just for the sake of formalizing results in an initiative that is lengthy, costly, fizzles out, does not deliver business value, and ends up being considered a failure.
  • Non-data centric thought leadership leads to downstream issues: integration, quality, accessibility.

Improve your business's data architecture

  • Walking through a book of architecture building plans with a personal guide is cheaper and faster than employing an architect to build and design your home.

Module 1: Establish Business Context and Value

The Purpose

Establish business context and value.

Key Benefits Achieved

Business context and strategic driver.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Understand/confirm the organization's strategic goals
  • Business context and strategic drivers
1.2 Classify the strategic goals and map to business drivers
  • Prioritized business capabilities and processes
1.3 Identify the business capabilities that the strategy focuses on
  • Data culture survey results analysis
1.4 Identify the business processes realizing the strategy

Module 2: Identify Your Top Initiatives

The Purpose

Identify your top initiatives.

Key Benefits Achieved

High-value business-aligned data initiative.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Highlight data-related outcomes/goals to realize to fulfill the business goal
  • High-value, business-aligned data initiatives
2.2 Map business data initiatives to the business strategic goals
2.3 Prioritize data initiatives

Module 3: Analyze Data Challenges

The Purpose

Analyze data challenges.

Key Benefits Achieved

Clear understanding of the data challenges.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Map data challenges to Info-Tech data challenges
  • List of data challenges preventing data maturation with the organization
3.2 Review Info-Tech data capabilities based on prioritized initiatives
3.3 Discuss data platform and practice next steps

Module 4: Map Data Capability

The Purpose

Map data capability.

Key Benefits Achieved

Prioritized data capability.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Map data challenges to Info-Tech data challenges
  • Required data capabilities
4.2 Review Info-Tech data capabilities based on prioritized initiatives
  • Data platform and practice – plan
4.3 Discuss data platform and practice next steps
  • Initialized data management RACI 

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