Build Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

ABM success requires a strong set of marketing capabilities, tight alignment with Sales, and a content personalization strategy that targets high-opportunity buyers.


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42% of marketers can’t run effective account-based marketing programs because of difficulty aligning their Marketing and Sales teams. Root causes of ABM strategy failure include:

  • Poorly defined persona(s) and ICP.
  • Difficulty aligning with Sales on the target account list.
  • Not delivering a personalized customer experience.

87% of marketers surveyed said ABM outperforms other marketing investments. Marketers using ABM report:

  • 50% Less sales time wasted on unproductive prospecting.
  • 208% More revenue generated using ABM.
  • 171% Lift in annual contract value (AVC).

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Module 1: Drive Aligned Vision for Your ABM Programmatic

The Purpose

Align Marketing and Sales teams, conduct a foundational assessment of your ABM capabilities, review your tech stack, and define your ICP tiers.

Key Benefits Achieved

Create a comprehensive plan for ABM strategy implementation, with a focus on defining your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Assess your foundational capabilities of ABM and conduct a gap analysis. Create a plan to address gaps.
  • Align Sales and Marketing teams.
  • Gap analysis and plan to address foundational capabilities.
1.2 Review your tech stack integration requirements.
  • Tech stack assessment to support ABM strategy.
1.3 Define your ideal customer profile (ICP).
  • Establish ICP, define tiers 1-3.

Module 2: Define Your Targeting Strategy

The Purpose

Identify and focus on the accounts and individuals that are most likely to become your high-value customers.

Key Benefits Achieved

Develop a focused targeting and performance-tracking plan.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Document your buyer persona and journey.
  • Buyer persona and journey map (Optional).
2.2 Create your target account list (TAL) and segmentation strategy. Review predictive modeling and behavior-based targeting options.
  • Target account list and segmentation strategy.
2.3 Evaluate marketing performance and streamline your reporting process.
  • Executive performance metrics dashboard outlined.

Module 3: Develop your Content Strategy and Account-Based Scoring.

The Purpose

Develop a comprehensive plan for engaging and nurturing those targets to drive measurable business results.

Key Benefits Achieved

Develop a content strategy to guide target accounts through the buyer's journey and measure progress.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Optimize your lead generation engine.
  • Lead gen engine optimized across owned properties. (Optional)
3.2 Develop your content strategy: pillars, clusters, personalization strategy, and taxonomy.
  • Content and personalization strategy with documented taxonomy—key elements for tracking and attribution activities.
3.3 Implement your account-based scoring model and behavioral tracking.
  • Account-based scoring model.

Module 4: Plan Your ABM Programmatic Pilot Strategy.

The Purpose

Select the right tactics and channels to engage with your target accounts in a personalized and effective way.

Key Benefits Achieved

Develop an ABM Programmatic pilot.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Develop an actionable Programmatic pilot / discuss other ABM strategies.
  • Strategy, execution and analysis plan for your ABM programmatic pilot.
4.2 Establish a process for continuous improvement and refinement.
  • Apply ABM Best practices.

Module 5: Present Your ABM Programmatic Pilot Strategy, Next Steps

The Purpose

Finalize the pilot strategy and review the implementation plan and next steps to ensure a successful outcome.

Key Benefits Achieved

Finalized ABM Programmatic pilot and best practices.

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Finalize pilot strategy plan.
  • Finalized pilot strategy.
5.2 Establish a process for continuous improvement and refinement.
  • Review implementation plan, next steps and ABM best practices.
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