Visualize Your Application Portfolio Strategy With a Business-Value Driven Roadmap

Do more than maintain your application portfolio. Rationalize your applications with a roadmap that propels the business forward.

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Without a roadmap or the best practices to building a roadmap, your application portfolio can be:

  • Misunderstood by the business, IT, and even your application’s team.
  • Misaligned between the IT the business, and fail to meet business objectives.
  • Lack the relevant information necessary to make critical decisions with your applications.

When applying an in-depth approach to building a portfolio strategy with application rationalization and business value measurement, your roadmap project can allow you to:

  • Leave behind assumptions and emotions, by applying traceable, measurable and business aligned metrics to evaluate and manage your applications.
  • Discover critical information about your applications, and provide many opportunities for savings and enhancements.
  • Extend past merely supporting the business, and propel the business forward.

Module 1: Determine Business Value Alignment

The Purpose

  • Align objectives and definitions of value with the business.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Aligned objectives and goals for your project.
  • Your organization’s prioritization of different types of business value.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define “application” in your organization.
  • Definition of “application”
1.2 Identify your motivations and goals for your application roadmap.
  • Goals for your application roadmap
1.3 Brainstorm the different sources of business value.
  • Understanding of different sources of business value
1.4 Define and weigh value drivers for applications
  • Weights for value drivers of categories of business value

Module 2: Select Scope and Gather Information

The Purpose

  • Narrow down your scope of the project to address the biggest wins first.
  • Begin collecting information for your application rationalization initiative.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Narrowed scope.
  • Collection of the basic information around your applications.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Review APA diagnostic and narrow the scope of your roadmap project.
  • Narrowed list of applications
2.2 Gather basic application information.
  • Basic information of your applications
2.3 Identify the lifecycle stage of your applications.
  • Lifecycle stage for each application
2.4 Understand the cost associated with your applications.
  • TCO for your applications

Module 3: Perform Business Value Assessment

The Purpose

  • Establish the metrics for business value.
  • Determine which applications require corrective action.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A standardized process for measuring and evaluating your applications with business-value metrics.
  • A further prioritized scope of which applications require corrective action.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Stockpile business value metrics.
  • A comprehensive list of business value metrics.
3.2 Determine the current business value of your applications.
  • Business Value Assessment
3.3 Review business value assessment.
  • Updated status of your applications

Module 4: Complete Disposition Assessment

The Purpose

  • Align current applications to business capabilities.
  • Finish your application rationalization initiative and determine the best course of action.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A rationalized set of applications.
  • Determined action for your applications.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Application capability maps.
  • Level-1 Capability Maps and Application Capability Maps
4.2 Final considerations and disposition review.
  • Recommended action plans for your applications
4.3 Determine and prioritize dispositions.
  • High-level plan for your applications.

Module 5: Build Your Application Portfolio Strategy

The Purpose

  • Visualize your key decisions and strategy.
  • Build the material to present to stakeholders.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A visualized application portfolio strategy.

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Build project timeline and build roadmap.
  • Timeline for you applications' action plans
5.2 Complete retrospective and next steps.
  • Considerations for your next iteration
5.3 Create presentation.
  • Customized presentation to showcase strategy to stakeholders

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