Automate Testing to Get More Done

Drive software delivery throughput and quality confidence by extending your automation test coverage.


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Haphazardly implementing and managing your automated test can lead to:

  • High maintenance and operational costs for your automated tests.
  • False positives and negatives because of poorly prepared test data and environments.
  • Stressing existing bottlenecks in your software delivery and testing pipeline.

Taking a strategic approach to your automated testing practice can:

  • Develop your foundation with good practices tailored to your situation.
  • Instill accountability for software quality assurance in non-dedicated tester roles.
  • Collaborate on the direction, maturity, and management of your automated testing toolsets.

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Module 1: Adopt Good Automated Testing Practices

The Purpose

  • Understand the goals of and your vision for your automated testing practice.
  • Develop your automated testing foundational practices.
  • Adopt good practices for each test type.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Level set automated testing expectations and objectives.
  • Learn the key practices needed to mature and streamline your automated testing across all test types.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Build a foundation.
  • Automated testing vision, expectations, and metrics
  • Current state of your automated testing practice
  • Ownership of the implementation and execution of automated testing foundations
1.2 Automate your test types.
  • List of practices to introduce automation to for each test type
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