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Activate Your Augmented Reality Initiative

A guide to understanding how AR technology will bring value to your organization.

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Game-changing technologies do not arise frequently. If augmented reality initiatives are ignored it:

  • Slows the ability to drive efficiencies within the organization.
  • Limits the chances to improve employee work satisfaction through technology.
  • Puts the organization at a disadvantage when integrating a soon-to-be ubiquitous channel.
  • Leads to IT being perceived as a laggard within the organization.

Selecting the right use case for augmented reality has many benefits. It:

  • Creates a new and engaging interaction channel for customers.
  • Puts the organization on the bleeding edge of technology adoption with a first-mover advantage.
  • Saves time and reduces costs across a range of verticals.

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Module 1: Understand Augmented Reality and Its Use Cases

The Purpose

  • Understand the fundamentals of augmented reality technology and its real-world business applications.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A prioritized list of augmented reality use cases.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Introduce augmented reality technology.
  • An understanding of the history and current state of augmented reality technology.
1.2 Understand augmented reality use cases.
  • An understanding of “the art of the possible” for augmented reality.
1.3 Review augmented reality case studies.
  • An enhanced understanding of augmented reality.

Module 2: Conduct an Environmental Scan and Internal Review

The Purpose

  • Examine where the organization stands in the current competitive environment.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understanding of what is needed from an augmented reality initiative to differentiate your organization from its competitors.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Environmental analysis (PEST+SWOT).
  • An understanding of the internal and external propensity for augmented reality.
2.2 Competitive analysis.
  • An understanding of comparable organizations’ approach to augmented reality.
2.3 Listing of interaction channels and disposition.
  • A chart with the disposition of each interaction channel and its applicability to augmented reality.

Module 3: Parse Critical Technology Drivers

The Purpose

  • Determine which business processes will be affected by augmented reality.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understanding of critical technology drivers and their KPIs.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Identify affected process domains.
  • A list of affected process domains.
3.2 Brainstorm impacts of augmented reality on workflow enablement.
3.3 Distill critical technology drivers.
  • An awareness of critical technology drivers for the augmented reality initiative.
3.4 Identify KPIs for each driver.
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