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TIBCO Acquires Orchestra Networks: Potential Centerpiece of a New Super Smart Data Management Platform

Orchestra Networks was earning attention even before TIBCO acquired it, which happened back in December 2018. Now that it is part of the TIBCO family of software products, it can become the centerpiece of a very powerful data management, governance, integration, and analytics platform. TIBCO has already occupied strong positions in business intelligence, business process management (BPM), data analytics, and enterprise service bus. Orchestra adds a new generation tool for wholistic master, reference, and metadata management. It can also do what very few other master data management (MDM) tools can do: manage corporate standards on aggregational patterns, aka hierarchies.

Such unique capabilities are due to the use of Semantic Web Technologies at the back-end – the same technologies used for building enterprise knowledge graphs.

It can run on any commercially available clouds.

Our Take

If TIBCO seamlessly integrates the above-mentioned products into a cloud-enabled package, it would create a super smart data management platform, including extended MDM, BPM, integration, and analytics capabilities, which might be an interesting proposition for many companies. The only missing piece would be big/IoT data management, which is easily pluggable with any of the open source products.

Even as a standalone tool, Orchestra, or as it has been rebranded TIBCO EBX, is an interesting product: it provides all functionalities for successful implementation of MDM and data governance.

Our caution: You really must establish your data governance practice before implementing this product.

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