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Teamwork Enhances Workload Functionality to Include Visibility Into Individual Capacity

To facilitate decisions around resource reassignment, Teamwork has updated its Workload overview, which shows where and how individuals are spending their time, to include each person’s capacity. Now, organizations can be more flexible and respond to changing priorities throughout the course of the project.

This function can help project managers identify sub-optimal assignment of resources, bottlenecks, or underutilized resources. With this data, the project manager can pre-emptively take action to mitigate risk before it causes substantial damage to the project.

How does this translate into the user interface?

  • Overview: Displays how much work is assigned to the team and the total capacity for a specified time period.
  • Planner: Displays more granular work assignments and the distribution of work in time blocks. This section also includes a day-to-day representation of each team member’s capacity.
  • Capacity Bar: Displays how each team member’s workload compares to their capacity. Everyone’s capacity can be configured in their profile.
  • Manage User Workload: Displays what each team member has on their plate at any given time.

Enterprise and Premium plans have full access to Workload functionality, but users on the Pro plan have limited functionality.

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Source: SoftwareReviews Project Management, Report Published June 2019

Our Take

A key function of project management is to feed the portfolio through clear and consistent reporting. This new functionality in Teamwork can be a great platform to support decision making at the portfolio level – if there is a process in place to roll-up the data from the project level. It is important with any type of reporting that maintainability is favored over granularity. While it might be tempting to get very granular with the time allocation and work assignments at the project level, remember to always balance the value with effort required to maintain the data. Unsure of where to start? Determine the 7 dimensions of resource management to make better use of your commercial PM and PPM tools.

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