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Tableau Has Introduced a Revolutionary Way to Enable Self-Serve Reporting

Tableau 2019.1 includes a great new feature, which enables users to type “standard” English to query your data. It leverages a specific sub discipline of AI called Natural Language Processing.

“Tableau Releases Ask Data, A New and Intuitive Way to Analyze Data With Natural Language”

Ask Data is the new term that Tableau is coining. It allows a user to type a sentence, which will automatically generate a visualization. For example, “Give me all the average price by variety in Napa Country as a treemap.” This will then display the visualization as if you had dragged Price, County, and Variety data objects onto your canvas in the correct place then selected a treemap graph type.

Our Take

One could indeed couple this with voice-to-text technology and have a fully immersive data visualization experience. This is the next step we expect to see in this technology space.

We think the best way to leverage this technology is by using it as a foundation and tweaking the result after initial report generation. This prevents the user starting from scratch every time.

This great technology gives an amazing user experience if your data is in a convenient, well-designed data warehouse with best-practice data management surrounding it.

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Use our Data Management blueprint to implement best-practice data management to best enable this new feature.

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