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Symantec Partners With SyncDog to Provide Mobile Threat Defense

This month, SyncDog announces its partnership with Symantec to protect mobile workforces using iOS and Android devices.

SyncDog’s flagship solution, Secure.Systems, is a mobile enablement application that centralizes office productivity applications (e.g. email, calendar, file share, office editor) in a defense-grade containerized workspace. All data is encrypted between mobile devices and the enterprise network (i.e. at-rest and in-transit), assuring users that they can work outside the office without the worry of compromising the privacy and security of their organization.

SyncDog’s partnership with Symantec will offer users an integrated solution for anti-virus protection (AV), mobile threat detection (MTD), and data loss prevention (DLP) while negating the need for costly and misapplied solutions such as mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM), and mobile application management (MAM). The combined solution will offer increased features and functionality all at the end user’s fingertips on their mobile devices.

Our Take

We live in a mobile economy where working in and/or outside of the office on personal devices is the norm. As a result, these devices are highly targeted by threat actors because of their limited security.

As the motto goes, the best security strategy is adopting one that is layered, which is exactly what SyncDog is doing: integrating endpoint security features into its infrastructure. Symantec is a pioneer in the endpoint security realm and was recently awarded Best Enterprise Endpoint from independent security assessment firm SE Labs. The security controls and infrastructure already embedded into SyncDog in combination with that of Symantec can only be positive for mobile workforces. Therefore, I can only comment that this is a huge strategic gain for SyncDog.

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