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Symantec Now Has Zero Trust for Cloud DLP

Symantec recently announced new features for its Integrated Cyber Defense Platform (CDP) aimed at boosting data loss prevention (DLP) strategies in the cloud via zero trust technologies from Luminate, which was acquired by Symantec back in February. These upgrades are meant to address what Art Gilliland – executive vice president and general manager of enterprise products at Symantec – refers to as the “dissolu[tion]” of “[t]raditional network perimeters” that are occurring “as cloud technologies change the way we work.”

Because the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, it presents a particular challenge for organizational DLP. To combat this, Symantec is now using a zero-trust approach to cloud access authentication, which requires that users prove their identity and right to use the data before any access is granted, so that data cannot simply come and go from the cloud as it has sometimes done in the past. In theory, this should greatly cut down on accidental cloud-related data loss.

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Our Take

Symantec’s got an interesting approach with this one. This zero-trust model is definitely an improvement for decreasing data loss in the cloud, especially when it comes to accidental data loss resulting from privilege management issues (i.e. cases where people who don’t use sensitive data have access to it and don’t know how to handle it). However, these new features won’t be able to stop someone bent on maliciously leaking data to which they rightfully have access.

When it comes down to it, DLP solutions should be used to enhance a data classification program, not replace it. To protect your data properly, you need a full understanding of the sensitivity of your data. Without knowing this information, you won’t be able to decide who does and does not need access to such data.

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