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Symantec Leaves the Strongest Emotional Footprint in the IAM Space With Its Symantec VIP Product

Recent data released from SoftwareReviews’ Identity Access Management (IAM) Customer Experience Report reveals Symantec VIP is performing above the rest when it comes to providing good customer service.

When evaluating customer service, reviewers were asked to assess vendors in the areas of service experience, conflict resolution, negotiation and the contract, strategy and innovation, and product impact. These together create an Emotional Footprint score.

Strongest positive emotions

Symantec VIP comes out on top regarding its cost-to-value ratio. Customers are finding that, given the cost of the Symantec VIP product, the value they receive far exceeds expectations. When it comes to customer service, customers say Symantec offers a reliable product, provides customer experiences that are more effective than frustrating, and is transparent in contract negotiations. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the areas in which Symantec tops the charts in the IAM Customer Experience Report; if you want to learn more about this vendor’s emotional footprint and feature set and how it compares to other IAM vendors leading the space, reach out to a representative at Info-Tech.

Strongest negative emotions

To look at the other side of the coin, the strongest negative emotions for Symantec VIP focused on issues around conflict resolution, specifically around its integrity in these situations. However, it should be noted that these negative reviews only account for 5% of the net emotional footprint distribution, leaving the remaining 95% to suggest positive experiences with Symantec when conflict arises with the product. The fact that this 5% is the strongest negative emotion, and all other categories have less than 4% negative responses, is a testament to why the Symantec VIP product is succeeding in customer service.

This data is currently based off 23 reviews.

Source: Symantec at SoftwareReviews, Report Published May 2019


Based on the data collected for the IAM Customer Experience Report, going with Symantec is a reliable choice if you are concerned about the diversity and reliability of features and the customer experience you might receive. Obviously, this data should only be the starting point. The next steps are to determine your organization’s unique IAM requirements, determine the amount of money available for purchasing an IAM vendor, and reach out to vendors to demo their product. It is important not to rush this phase of the initiative. Doing so could land you a vendor that:

  • Charges you for more features and capabilities than you need to be effective at IAM; or
  • Does not support technology onboarded after the IAM vendor initiative.

The number of reviews for the Symantec VIP report should also be called out. Currently there the data is based on 23 reviews, which is around half the number of reviews collected from some of the other leaders in this category: MIM, SAP IAM, HID DigitalPersona, and RSA Via. More reviews mean more data, which leads to more accurate conclusions. As Symantec continues to collect reviews, we can expect these findings to become even more accurate. Use this report as a starting point in selecting the IAM solution correct for your organization.

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