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Stellar Protocol 11 Improvements: Part 2

On June 10, validators on the Stellar network will vote to upgrade the network to Protocol 11. Protocol outlines three main changes, the second change being improved network capacity.

Validators on the Stellar network set the capacity. They set it high enough to allow the network to support an increasing volume of activity, but low enough to allow nodes with lower-end hardware and slower connectivity to keep up. Once capacity is reached surge pricing kicks in and bidding for transaction confirmation begins.

Before Protocol 11, validators voted on the transactions per ledger. Each transaction contains a bundle of operations. Operations are activities such as a payment. Some transactions only contain one operation whereas others can contain 100.

After Protocol 11, validators will vote on the operations per ledger. The method allows them to better estimate the network capacity with finesse and adjust it better in the future.

Source: SoftwareReviews, Accessed July 19, 2019

Our Take

This allows for higher network throughput, which will trigger less surge pricing. The change will make it cheaper and easier for users to get their transactions on the ledger.

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