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Samanage Wins Big in SolarWinds Acquisition

SolarWinds’ acquisition of Samanage presents a bright future for this product – assuming it isn’t starved of development budget.

Source: Samanage at Software Reviews.

On April 11, 2019, SolarWinds announced that it is acquiring Samanage for US$350 million. According to SolarWinds, it intends to use Samanage to deploy an improved service desk product. It hopes to close the sale by the end of the second quarter of calendar year 2019.

Our Take

This acquisition is great news for Samanage. SolarWinds will propel it into new markets and into new use cases. After some refactoring, it will allow for (hopefully) seamless workflows across the SolarWinds product line. Of course, SolarWinds could potentially starve Samanage of development budget. Hopefully that won’t happen.

If you are a SolarWinds shop, and you are buying an ITSM or ITAM tool, give Samanage a good look. I’m excited to see the new heights that Samanage will reach once it has been embedded into the SolarWinds product line.

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