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McAfee Seeks to Level Up DLP With Unified Cloud Edge

Creating an effective data loss prevention (DLP) program is a difficult task because of the myriad ways data can leave an organization. Tools help, but often not as much as we’d like. Enter McAfee Unified Cloud Edge.

With Unified Cloud Edge, McAfee constellates device, network, and cloud, allowing you to apply a single set of rules across all three vectors to stay one step ahead of data leaks.

As Ash Kulkarni, executive vice president and chief product officer for McAfee’s enterprise business group, puts it, “Using individual point products always leaves gaps.” He implies that Unified Cloud Edge is the answer because it will not need separate (and potentially incompatible) rules to defend against data leakage via, for example, removable media or files sent to a personal storage account. That is, with Unified Cloud Edge, one rule covers both endpoint and cloud-based file storage, thus offering organizations a little extra peace of mind.

Courtesy: McAfee

Our Take

McAfee is putting up some big claims for how much the Unified Cloud Edge stands to beef up DLP. However, it is not immediately clear just how intelligent this system really is and thus how well-defined your rules need to be to ensure effective use. Ultimately, we will want to know if this solution is any less dependent on prior data classification work to be fully effective.

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