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GlobalSCAPE Tackles Data Regulations With Eighth Generation MFT

On January 15, 2020, GlobalSCAPE announced it is launching the eighth generation of its managed file transfer (MFT) platform, called Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) 2020. Its new product focuses on the simplicity of secured file transfer and aims to establish itself at the forefront of data regulatory compliance in the MFT space.

“GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation], PIPEDA [Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act], and CCPA [California Consumer Privacy Act] are only the beginning of potential compliance and privacy headaches for enterprises,” said Roberto Garcia, Vice President of Product Strategy and Engineering at GlobalSCAPE.

This means any half-baked data control policy will not be enough to keep up with all the emerging data regulations. With EFT 2020, GlobalSCAPE aims to give its clients the ability to comply with all regulations using a platform that makes increasingly layered data compliance automatic. Its new platform gives users the right to exercise controls over their data and provides an industry-first built-in GDPR – Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) report. These new features will bring GlobalSCAPE into direct competition with other MFT leaders such as GoAnywhere, which has also implemented several features such as personal data encryption and audit trails to meet GDPR requirements.

Along with all its compliance measures, GlobalSCAPE’s EFT 2020 looks to set a new standard for user experience in the MFT industry. The new platform will include:

  • Integration capabilities with Microsoft Window’s PowerShell
  • Simplified cloud migration processes
  • Smoother integration with existing platforms

Source: GlobalSCAPE at SoftwareReviews, Accessed January 29, 2020

Our Take

  • GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA are only the beginning of a long line of data regulations to come. Built-in compliance controls and assessments are the next logical steps to staying ahead of these regulations and GlobalSCAPE knows it.
  • With this kind of compliance control emerging in the MFT space, organizations may begin using MFTs as a third-party compliance tool if they don’t have the resources or manpower to establish layered controls as further regulations are released, therefore, establishing a new value proposition for the MFT industry.

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