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Flexera – Patch Automation Capability Now Available in Software Vulnerability Manager

Flexera is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to offer patch automation as a core capability in its Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM) product.

Flexera recently announced the new core capability offering in a press release. The company states that “the new Patch Automation provides overwhelmed IT teams the ability and support to do more with resources already available.”

The new capability leverages AI, dubbed “intelligent automation” by Flexera, allowing organizations to use SVM to automate the deployment of software patches. This alleviates labor-intensive manual patching of third-party software on systems while simultaneously enhancing the remediation of vulnerabilities detected by SVM.

Our Take

Patch management is indeed a very labor-intensive process that can consume significant IT resources. The process of patch deployment is often a very repetitive task that is subject to the benefits of automation. Flexera’s use of AI enhances the standard patch deployment process, whereby an administrator can configure the automated deployment process to meet certain conditions before deployment. Thus, the administrator maintains control over a process that can run on its own.

In a world where IT departments are faced daily with depleted and heavily taxed resources, receive demands to do more with less, and are constantly seeking ways to become more efficient, patch automation is a feature welcomed with open arms.

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