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eLogic Learning Releases iOS App for Its eSSential LMS

eLogic Learning claims to be taking the lead in mobile support by releasing its iOS app. However, offering a mobile experience has been table stakes in the industry for quite some time.

The majority of employees demand a learning culture, as they want to keep their skills up to date, but they often find it a challenge to have time during their workday to complete training. Outside of work, people turn to their mobile devices to learn everything from new recipes to new languages. They are looking for that same experience to be carried over into their corporate life. Mobile allows them to learn when and where they want. In fact, SHIFT found that 45% of employees who used mobile learning completed courses faster than those who stuck to their desktop.

For mobile learning to be successful, employees must have the intrinsic motivation to learn on their own time, which can be hard when they are not interested in the topic and are merely learning for compliance reasons. Also, it opens up challenges around your organization’s bring-your-own-device policies. Does your organization allow employees to BYOD, or will you provide a device for those who don’t have one in order for them to access mobile learning options? Employees in rural settings might have issues, as mobile learning relies on access to a stable internet connection.

The new mobile eSSential LMS app has common features such as registering for training, completing courses, viewing notifications and deadlines, and participating in forums. The app does not have any ratings in the App Store yet, so it is hard to know how the user experience is and what the bugs might be. If the Android app is any indication, with a rating of 2.0 and comments complaining of UX design and functionality issues, it might not be the mobile solution users are hoping for.

Source: eLogic Learning (App Store), May 2019

Our Take

The ability to provide a mobile learning experience to employees is a requirement if you want to have a learning culture. eLogic Learning’s eSSential iOS app is helping the company to remain competitive, but it is in no way a game-changer or breakthrough.

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