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Docebo 7.7 Includes Eight New Features and Upgrades

Docebo’s latest product release, Docebo 7.7, increases personalization for enterprise learning and brand identity. The release also includes improved automated content suggestions through its artificial intelligence and course enrollment based on personalized learning paths. The main features of this update include:

  1. Improved AI Suggestions for:
    1. Admins: Docebo’s AI generates a list of suggested learners during enrollment.
    2. Managers: Suggestions on next courses for their team allows them to shape the learning path of their team.
    3. Learners: Those using Coach & Share will receive content suggestions based on what their peers contributed to the platform
  2. Mobile App Publisher: Organizations can create a branded version of the Go.Learn mobile app and offer it via their own Apple App or Google Play Store without hiring a third-party developer.
  3. Course Management Function: Admins can divide up manual work amongst different admins, do mass enrollment, and design learning plans or catalogs to sell content.
  4. Observation Checklist: This productivity tool configures learning and compliance progress or job-related tasks into a checklist format. Items can be triggered by events or time-based schedule.
  5. DoceLab: Admins can test out these new features without risk of production data loss to see if the features work for their organization and provide feedback.
  6. Docebo Pages Limit Increase: The total number of built-in, widget, and external page links has been increased to 1,000.
  7. DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Support: This feature authenticates your learning platform domain so that emails will not end up in users’ junk folder.
  8. LinkedIn Learning Integration: This offers the ability to filter content by language and to configure how imported courses are played: new window, Docebo course player, or LinkedIN Learning portal.
  9. Wire Transfers: Learning content purchases can be processed without a payment gateway to increase the number of supported means of payment. Users are able to pay via bank transaction, removing online payment restrictions.

Our Take

This release continues a lot of new and updated features. The increase in AI functionality is a bid to compete with learning experience platforms. More LMS platforms will be looking to improve their algorithms and machine learning to remain competitive in the market place.

The ability to create a branded app is one of the first to market. This is a key differentiator for those looking to offer their content externally. More vendors will likely offer this in the future as organizations shift towards learner’s preference for mobile learning.

Source: Docebo LMS at Software Reviews, Report Published January 2019

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