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Datex’s DataStealth Reduces Data Loss by Limiting Sensitive Data Acquisition

Datex’s DataStealth is a difficult product to classify. It resembles data loss prevention (DLP) and privacy software but doesn’t fit neatly in either category. By focusing on data obfuscation, DataStealth uses a novel approach aimed at limiting sensitive-data acquisition in the first place (i.e. with the logic that “you can’t lose what you don’t have”).

Traditional DLP solutions often resemble action heroes: they swoop in the last second to prevent some kind of catastrophic loss (assuming they were configured correctly, of course).

DataStealth, however, works by removing sensitive data from files and replacing it with placeholder “dummy” data, effectively converting such data into something far more innocuous. That is, it’s data you don’t need to fear losing.

The software can be used for incoming and outgoing data, which is a particularly nice feature to have when documents containing sensitive data must be shared with third parties. Because the personally identifiable information or other sensitive data has been removed, so has any liability that might exist if the third party is compromised.

This simple but effective approach to data protection and privacy has caught the attention of those in government, finance, and healthcare. But any organization that holds sensitive data could find a lot of value in DataStealth.


Our Take

DataStealth is a difficult product to classify. It is not marketed as a DLP solution and, indeed, is not a DLP solution by any conventional standard. The term “data acquisition prevention” is perhaps more appropriate. Yet the product’s purpose is more or less the same as DLP, meaning it may present itself as another solution for those frustrated with conventional DLP options.

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