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Citrix Workspace Deploys Intelligent Feeds, Personalized Workflows to General Availability

These announced features are in noble pursuit of improving the end-user experience. The digital workspace category is still in flux, but these features show that newsfeeds are a key component to any digital workspace offering.

Citrix’s intelligent feed is akin to the newsfeed in Facebook or LinkedIn – it is supposed to offer you a personalized stream of information and tasks. Citrix has worked with firms to develop microapps that are available out of the box to integrate with the intelligent feed.

These microapps allow Digital Workspace users to perform administrative tasks in a system of record (e.g. ServiceNow, SAP, ZenDesk, Salesforce) or to respond to notifications in a collaboration or content management tool (e.g. Microsoft, Google).

Citrix’s customers and users will also be able to develop their own personalized workflows through custom microapps, such as for their homegrown apps.

Source: Citrix Workspace in SoftwareReviews, Report Pending

Our Take

Citrix Workspace’s intelligent feed feature reflects the larger consumerization of enterprise IT.

Keep in mind that the more you’ve customized your enterprise IT tools, the more you will need to customize these out-of-the-box microapps. These personalized workflows are low code, so they are easier to build, but it will still require some level of competence with algorithms or computer programming.

The digital workspace vendor landscape is still in flux, but these announced features suggest that newsfeeds feature and integrations are core parts of any digital workspace offering.

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