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Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response Adds Extra Email Protection to Your Inbox

In late September, Barracuda Networks, Inc. announced the general availability of Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response. Previously available only to Barracuda Total Email Protection customers, the Forensics and Incident Response offering can now be layered with an organization’s existing gateway security solution, giving customers and service providers greater flexibility in email threat detection and response.

The solution responds to targeted attacks delivered to user inboxes and automates the remediation process. From Barracuda’s press release, the highlights include:

  • Automated incident response to find, investigate, and remediate malicious emails delivered to users’ inboxes.
  • The ability for administrators to send alerts to affected users, to easily find users who clicked on links in, forwarded, or replied to malicious emails, and to then remove the messages directly from user inboxes.
  • A standalone solution giving customers and service providers the flexibility to enhance an existing email security solution with an effective incident response tool.

To use Barracuda Forensics & Incident Response, you must have:

  • Barracuda Essentials
  • Barracuda Sentinel
  • Microsoft Office 365

Source: Barracuda, November 7, 2019

Our Take

Relying on email security gateways to filter out all malicious emails is unrealistic. Like all security measures, we need to handle email security from a layered approach and understand that things slip through the cracks sometimes. Fortunately, solutions like Barracuda’s Forensics and Incident Response exist.

This product has many great features. For one, Barracuda comes equipped to automatically remove malicious emails from user inboxes, and it easily identifies the degree of user interaction (e.g. clicking on a link, forwarding the email). The added visibility into the organization can help measure the effectiveness of different processes such as incident management and end-user cybersecurity training. Secondly, Barracuda has alerts available for the end users, alerting them of the malicious emails and of remediation efforts that they can do at their end (e.g. changing passwords, assigning a training module) based on their level of interaction with the email.

As email is one of the leading vectors used for infiltrating organization endpoints and systems, Barracuda makes a smart move in creating a product that is admin-friendly as well as geared towards minimizing manual labor for the security team. Kudos Barracuda!

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