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Adobe Captivate Prime Introduces Gamification for User-Generated Content and a New Manager Compliance Dashboard

Recently, Adobe Captivate Prime released an update that is more than just tweaking the interface. The latest update introduces social tools, gamification, and user-generated content tools as well as improvements to compliance monitoring.

Learners are now able to share materials and resources they find outside of the LMS platform. They also can create their own content. These tools align with current trends of users sharing content and resources using email, IM, and conversation, which are impossible to track when they happen outside of the LMS platform.

Learners can be incentivized with a gamification point system, as can those that approve or review the posts. User-generated content can be aligned to your organizational framework and specific skills or competencies making it easy to track and measure.

Source: Adobe Captivate Prime at, Report Published January 2019

Along with these changes to user-generated content, Adobe Captivate Prime updated its team dashboard for managers. Since one of the core functions of an LMS is for compliance training, the new dashboard makes it easier for managers to monitor the progress of their direct and down-the-line teams.

Teams and team members who are falling behind are easily identified. Managers can compare how achievements are matching their expectations and are able to see the expected target and progress based on completion rates. Adobe built out a mechanism to warn managers when achievements fall below expectations and provides tools to help get your team members back on track.

Our Take

Making and sharing user-generated content is a must so that organizations can leverage the SMEs in the organization. It also keeps content up-to-date and relevant to the fast pace of change in today’s VUCA world.

Since compliance training is one of the core reasons organizations use LMS systems, a dashboard that makes it easier to track progress is another must-have. Improving awareness about skills gaps, progress, and achievement levels makes it easier to ensure compliance and adjust expectations or provide additional work to those in need.

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