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Streaming Analytics to Drive Revenue

The home shopping retailer QVC uses streaming analytics on transactional data to respond in real time to trends. This responsiveness, in combination with historical and other data, drives revenue. QVC crowdsources customer feedback on a 24/7 basis and leverages the data across all of its business platforms.

Our View: Unleash your unstructured data and marry it with structured data to innovate. The technology landscape is constantly shifting and often difficult for IT staff to keep track of. Use our Data Warehouse Modernization Technology Education Deck to ensure that IT is able to appropriately match the right tools to the business’ use cases.

Learning from Failed IT Projects

After the failure of several Scottish IT programs, Audit Scotland has shared some lessons learned. One of the main principles to better manage projects starts at the planning phase of each project. The report states, “It is fundamental at the start to understand the need and clearly define the benefits you want.”

Our View: Lack of upfront project planning can lead to IT projects going over budget and time, resulting in poor stakeholder satisfaction and a widespread perception that IT is not delivering value. Spend less time managing processes and more time delivering results. Put your processes in context and Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects.

Government Technology Expectations

The commercial industry is good at personalizing service through technology, and citizens expect government technology to provide the same quality of customer experience. Hala Maktabi, the director of measurement and performance improvement in the Veterans Experience Office within the Department of Veterans Affairs, found ways to gather data that is specifically used to help the organization adapt to the needs of veterans, families, survivors, and caregivers. Other government agencies are also making progress by using data to better drive decisions.

Our View: Great data-driven insights start with great data quality. Implement a set of data quality initiatives that are aligned with overall business objectives and aimed at addressing data practices and the data itself. Use our research to Restore Trust in Your Data Using a Business-Aligned Data Quality Management Approach.

The Lift: Grandmother’s Graduation

The fact that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams is the inspirational message from 62-year-old grandmother Elaine Jones-Scott. She graduated this spring from Chicago State University with a bachelor's degree in psychology and counseling and plans to help others accomplish their dreams.

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