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The Essential COVID-19 Childcare Policy for Every Organization, Yesterday

Help employees keep working while caring for dependents at home during a pandemic.

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Your Challenge

  • Helping employees navigate personal and business responsibilities to find solutions that ensure both are taken care of.
  • Reducing potential disruption to business operations through employee absenteeism due to increased care-provider responsibilities.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Remote work is complicated by children at home with school closures. Implement alternative temporary work arrangements that allow and support employees to balance work and personal obligations.
  • Adjustments to work arrangements and pay may be necessary. Temporary work arrangements while caring for dependents over a longer-term pandemic may require adjustments to the duties carried out, number of hours worked, and adjustments to employee pay.
  • Managing remotely is more than staying in touch by phone. As a leader you will need to provide clear options that provide solutions to your employees to avoid them getting overwhelmed while taking care of the business to ensure there is a business long term.

Impact and Result

  • Develop a policy that provides parameters around mutually agreed adjustments to performance levels while balancing dependent care with work during a pandemic.
  • Take care of the business through clear guidelines on compensation while taking care of the health and wellness of your people.
  • Develop detailed work-from-home plans that lessen disruption to your work while taking care of children or aged parents.

Research & Tools

Start here. Read The Essential COVID-19 Childcare Policy for Every Organization, Yesterday

Read our recommendations and follow the steps to develop a policy that will help your employees work productively while managing care-provider responsibilities at home.

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