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Enhance Business Value through Customer-Centric IT Service Management

ITSM 2.0: Both unnoticeable and remarkable at the same time.

  • Business units are IT’s customers. However, some IT departments are not doing enough to deliver quality customer service.
  • IT is often too busy fighting fires to focus on delivering customer service excellence.
  • If IT is just providing technology services and not focusing on customer service, they will be outsourced to the Cloud.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Traditional ITSM emphasizes development and supply of IT services through best practices, which is technology-focused. Info-Tech recognizes the need for a customer-focused business model and recommends the adoption of ITSM 2.0, which views every decision and action through the lens of the customer experience.
  • Implementing customer service practices in your IT department will prove to be very beneficial.
  • Customer service excellence is the delivery of exceptional services that are both unnoticeable and remarkable. A happy customer can be a silent customer. By preventing a problem from ever becoming a problem, customers will be more satisfied with IT services.

Impact and Result

  • Change the ITSM philosophy of your IT department to one that focuses on the customer experience.
    Improve IT success and add business value by delivering customer service excellence through:
    - Enhanced Customer Engagement: The act of giving your customer fulfilling and rewarding interactions, and exceeding their expectations.
    - Behind the Scenes Excellence: The unnoticeable processes that prevent a problem from ever becoming a problem, thus reducing business disruptions.
  • Prepare your organization for this change through project communication, and stakeholder, change, and workforce management.

Enhance Business Value through Customer-Centric IT Service Management Research & Tools

1. Make the case for a customer-centric focus for ITSM

Focus on the customer experience to increase benefits.

2. Understand the fundamentals of ITSM 2.0

Deliver customer service excellence through behind the scenes excellence and enhanced customer engagement.

3. Practice project communication, stakeholder management, change management, and workforce management

Get the organization ready for ITSM 2.0.

4. Develop a reactive and proactive customer engagement strategy

Deliver enhanced customer engagement.

5. Organize, monitor, and track problem management tasks

Exercise behind the scenes excellence.

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ITSM 2.0: Both unnoticeable and remarkable at the same time.

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  • Call #1 - Manage stakeholders

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    Understand change management and determine next steps. Discuss getting employees onboard with the change.

  • Call #3 - Manage the workforce

    Use Info-Tech’s Core Competency Framework and Mapping Tool to identify employee strengths and weaknesses, then speak with a Consulting Analyst to best interpret your results.

  • Call #4 - Manage problems

    The problem management process requires some right-sizing. Speak to a Consulting Analyst to ensure the right steps are being taken to prevent problems from happening.


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