Implement a Collaboration Platform

Implementation doesn't end with platform deployment: build ongoing collaboration solutions.

Your Challenge

  • Adoption of collaboration platforms is rapidly accelerating. 90% of organizations have indicated an intention to deploy a collaboration platform by mid-2011. Successful platform deployment and ongoing solution design is essential for delivering the business of collaboration.
  • Despite high levels of adoption intent, many IT managers are unsure of how to successfully roll out collaboration solutions.
  • Organizations struggle to balance collaboration platform implementation with collaboration solution implementation. The former is a one-time project, the latter an ongoing mission.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Successful implementation of a collaboration platform is a two-stage process: platform implementation and ongoing collaboration solution design.
  • IT must dedicate collaboration business analyst resources to effectively design collaboration solutions.
  • Collaboration patterns repeat themselves throughout an organization. Maintaining an active catalog of collaboration patterns and the technologies used to enable them reduces solution design and implementation time for new collaboration solutions.

Impact and Result

  • Separate initial collaboration platform deployment from collaboration solution design for the most effective implementation project.
  • Plan for maximum system and client integration with other systems in the initial platform implementation to achieve higher end user adoption rates.
  • Dedicate IT business analyst resources to collaboration solution design to achieve highest satisfaction levels among the business.


  • Johnson Financial Group
  • Inscape Corporation
  • Professional Engineers Ontario
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • North Shore Credit Union
  • Oneida Healthcare Center
  • Accenture
  • Ardenwood Consultants
  • Tarong Energy Corporation

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Get to Action

  1. Build a strategy for collaboration implementation

    Manage project costs and enable ongoing collaboration solution design.

  2. Deploy a collaboration platform first

    Enable collaboration technology services throughout the enterprise and achieve optimum integration with other systems.

  3. Create ongoing collaboration solutions

    Achieve business value from the platform through discrete business solutions.

  4. Optimize the collaboration environment

    Ensure ongoing value delivery and end-user satisfaction.

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    Kevin Gaza | 05-01-2011

    I have the hardest time figuring out how to go through each item sequentially. Is it he Road map? The story board, yada yada yada. You got good stuff here but the user interface to the information needs to be fixed. Pretty does drive function. Function drives form.

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