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Develop a Cloud Strategy

Standing on the shoulders of your peers gets you to the cloud faster!

The decision to go has already been made. Now the key to a successful cloud strategy is in an effective action plan. Info-Tech has the experienced facilitators and the aggregated data from hundreds of members to streamline developing yours.

Your Challenge

  • Don’t solve – focus on identification of risks. The hardest exercise really isn’t always the most valuable. You don’t need to solve all the problems right now, but to develop a meaningful cloud strategy you do need to identify them.
  • Current state lays the groundwork. There is no shortcut – the best way to identify your risks is through an exhaustive analysis of your infrastructure and a thorough readiness assessment for each of your apps and services.
  • Cloud is not always the answer – and that’s okay! Cloud is about an all-or-nothing proposition. Successful client strategies have included hybrid (public/private), re-platforming of apps, outsourced hosting, and even repatriation of services.

Our Solution

  • Understand what makes the showcased cloud strategies and action plans the best – see how our clients got there.
  • Compare your risk, your IT, and your service assessments against organizations in similar industries and of similar size and current technical situations.
  • Leverage the “in-the-room” experience of Info-Tech facilitators to help you uncover hidden pockets of resistance, unexpected challenges to migration, and anxious concerns about training and job security in your organization.
  • Optimize your efforts by focusing your team’s attention to the highest value deliverable first.

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Be recognized for your expertise! Participate in an expert interview with one of our analysts and we will acknowledge your contribution in an upcoming publication.

Each interview lasts approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour and provides you with the opportunity to share your best practices, opinions, tools or templates with your peers.

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Published: September 20, 2017
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