In this week's issue, Doug Jamison and Steve Waite explore when venture funds are drawn into profitless get-rich-quick social networking schemes and are not available for startups in "deep science," such as new chips, manufacturing technologies and all the other things make us more, rather than much less, productive.

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Published: June 14, 2017
Last Revised: June 14, 2017


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    Steven Grapp | 06-16-2017

    Your article graciously presents half of the story behind economic stagnation and a decline in venture capital expenditures. Missing, though eluded to around the edges, are the sociological and financial stressors that beguile economic growth and development.

    Continually rising public debt during a period of record setting tax revenues has to be acknowledged. Technological trends in government towards more control over the populace via behavioral and data analytics encourages the current VC trend. There is power in knowledge, and prosperity in power. Why would those who still have investment power not invest VC where the trends are taking us?

    It is equally valid that you state the gutting of the middle class investment capability. The middle class, when able to engage, becomes very excited about deep science and the possibilities that stoke the imagination. The middle class has been hardest hit by increasing regulatory burden and taxes. The middle class has been squeezed to the turnip point, and sees no relief in sight. Continued political globalization will mean an even thinner middle class, fewer options out of poverty and into the workforce for many and an increasingly self-serving agenda by those who have already invested heavily in the soft social science arena.

    I am strongly encouraged by your summary paragraphs, though only time will tell if the pendulum has begun to swing back toward economic freedom or if it is still in full swing toward economic slavery.

    Thank you for an insightful article.

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      Info-Tech Research Group | 06-19-2017

      Thanks Steven for your insights into this topic.

      • 1f30bc908bc68cb3217f4e2c787058d4 comment
        Info-Tech Research Group | 06-28-2017

        Steven, your comments here were included in the "Ethermail" section of the latest Trends & Predictions note, "The Real China Plan – Part II: Domination." Thanks again for sharing your insights.


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