Mitigate Machine Bias – Executive Brief

Author(s): Natalia Modjeska

Machine biases, if unchecked, replicate, amplify, and systematize societal biases. Biased AI systems may treat some of your customers (or employees) differently, based on their race, gender, identity, age, etc. This is discrimination, and it is against the law. It is also bad for business: leading to missed business opportunity, lost consumer confidence, reputational risk, regulatory sanctions, and lawsuits. Read this Executive Brief to:

  • Understand what machine (AI) biases are and how they arise.
  • Why they are harmful to the consumers of your AI-enabled product or service and to your organization.
  • Learn how to identify and mitigate them.
  • Understand why a culture of diversity, transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration is the best mechanism to prevent and address machine biases.

View the Complete Blueprint:

Mitigate Machine Bias

Control machine bias to prevent discriminating against your consumers and damaging your organization.

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