Meet the Healthcare Services Executive Services Leadership Team

Author(s): Clayton Gillett, Sharon Auma-Ebanyat, Neal Rosenblatt, Duane Cooney, Angela Diop, Harry Herrmann, Tony Tardugno

Meet Your Dedicated Healthcare Services Research and Advisory Team

The global healthcare delivery and insurance industries are the most important industries to all of us personally. Whether healthcare is delivered in a semi-free market methodology or as a government benefit, it determines how each of us are cared for and how we finance that care. In each and every delivery model there are nuances and complexities that make these industries byzantine at best in every country.

It is our goal as the healthcare services research and advisory team to exceed our members’ expectations by providing curated research specifically designed to be actionable in your healthcare organization to advance your digital ambitions and to leverage technology to improve efficiencies and expand revenue generating services. We support our clients by providing expert advice based on our years of experience and by leveraging our own peer networks for professional development and career advancement.

We provide material support in the form of research that is customized by our experienced counselors and analysts across all of the major key IT initiatives, building on an Exponential IT Mindset, to help you achieve your team’s digital aspirations.

Clayton Gillett, Managing Partner, Healthcare Services

What drives me in my role is to see our team provide a perspective or a set of tools to our clients that helps them meet their goals for a more efficient and effective healthcare experience. It is the power of healthcare to change a life that drives our need to leverage IT to more efficiently scale that care and to find new and different ways to meet the needs of patients.

Duane Cooney, Executive Counselor

I enjoy partnering with healthcare IT industry leaders to help them to discover and realize a vision and strategy for their organization. This includes brainstorming for ideation, IT strategy reviews, team building, service line, and enterprise architecture enablement to optimize in all areas of people, process, and technology. I strive to provide something valuable my clients can use each time we connect on a call.

Angela Diop, Executive Advisor

I enjoy working with IT leaders who are striving to leverage technology to enhance the performance of their organization. I help them with building bridges to align with the business and establish governance and workflows that are essential for delivering quality patient care and maintaining organizational health.

I aim to support the growth and development of every member that I work with.

Harry Herrmann, Executive Counselor

My aspiration is to become a trusted advisor to each of my clients. I would like each of them to think of me as their chosen person for meaningful results when presented with opportunities and challenges. I strive to bring a strong combination of my many years of healthcare IT experience and Info-Tech’s breadth and depth of research and resources to each client interaction. I am inspired by the success of my clients as they achieve personal growth and deliver effective and innovative solutions to their organizations.

Tony Tardugno, Executive Counsellor

My passion lies in unleashing IT's boundless potential to enable overall business success! I look forward each day to collaborating closely with executive leadership teams to accelerate the development and successful realization of a business-aligned IT strategy. My goal with every client interaction is to bring to bear decades of proven IT and healthcare experience to provide unique insights, innovative approaches, provocative options, and practical guidance as well as connect clients with Info-Tech's vast depth of IT resources. My motivation is fueled by each client's personal growth and success as they navigate the challenges they face each day!

Healthcare Industry Research Team

Sharon Auma-Ebanyat, Research Director

My passion lies in advancing healthcare service delivery by helping healthcare organizations achieve the quadruple aim, to reduce the cost of care, enhance the patient experience, and improve provider satisfaction and overall population health. With my background in healthcare operations and management in different sub-specialties, I understand the complexities of the healthcare industry, which motivates me to identify trends, best practices, and case studies to uncover insights that address real-world healthcare challenges. My aim is to empower healthcare IT and business leaders with proven IT knowledge, information, and healthcare experiences that provide the unique insights, innovative approaches, provocative options, and practical guidance they need to make informed decisions.

Neal Rosenblatt, Principal Research Director

I am dedicated to advancing public health on a global scale. My journey has been a blend of passion, curiosity, and steadfast commitment to translating scientific discoveries into actionable insights for public health leaders. With a background in public health and a penchant for rigorous data analytics and innovative uses of technology, I've made it my life's work to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and practical, evidence-based solutions. Ultimately, my aim is to empower public health leaders with the knowledge and information they need to make informed decisions that save lives and improve the wellbeing of populations one step at a time toward a healthier, more equitable world.

How we help our members succeed

The Healthcare Team provides practical, actionable research and advice that guides business and technology leaders on how to accelerate delivery of their key initiatives by leveraging Info-Tech's core products.

Key Initiative Plans

In-Depth Research Centers

Comprehensive, Connected Blueprints

Actionable Diagnostic-Driven Insights

Consulting Quality Deliverables

The Healthcare Team builds and maintains a custom, evergreen plan for how to leverage our research and advisory services to accelerate delivery of your key initiatives.

Provide our members with one stop for all the blueprints related to key IT practice areas and topics to help you go even deeper on initiatives that matter to you.

Leverage unlimited independent and analyst-guided access to our detailed, step-by-step guides and production-ready templates that accelerate delivery of your key initiatives.

Our diagnostics team produces industry benchmark backed assessments of your organization to help you to target the right initiatives and assess improvements
over time.

We do more than talk, we roll up our sleeves and create consulting quality deliverables for all our advisory, executive, concierge, workshops, and consulting services.

When you look beyond Info-Tech's mantra of better research you’ll quickly see exactly what we mean. Every publication is a practical, research-backed guide supported by actionable advice on how to overcome the challenges technology leaders face today. In a time when the government cannot afford to go slow, informed decision making at speed is critical. The Healthcare Team combines a deep knowledge of how you can leverage Info-Tech’s practical, actionable approach to research and advisory services with extensive experience as technology leaders in healthcare delivery and insurance. Our mission is to help you rapidly make data-driven decisions backed by robust research that empowers you to deliver exceptional patient services through technology.

Healthcare Sample Research Resources

Info-Tech is well known for our practical, actionable blueprints and templates. We also have a rich body of content focused on multiple subsegments of the healthcare delivery and insurance industry that will accelerate your key initiatives. Here are some examples of how you can make the most of your membership by leveraging Info-Tech’s resources to achieve their priorities.


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