IT World Canada: Salesforce Touch brings fight to Adobe, Microsoft

(September 20) Developers can code in any language they are comfortable with and deploy an app to any mobile device with the new platform, according to But an analyst says they might be too late to the race to gain real traction as a pure development platform

With the launch of Salesforce Touch Platform, San is signaling that it intends to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Adobe Inc. and Microsoft Corp. in serving developers as a multi-platform environment, an analyst says.

Salesforce announced its new mobile development platform on Wednesday, one year after announcing its Salesforce Touch mobile app in beta mode. Now the full version of that app is available and developers have a new framework to work with for mobile apps. It supports HTML5, native, and hybrid models so an app can be coded once and then deployed to many devices including iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.

With the growing adoption of smartphones and tablets and more employees bringing those devices into the workspace, many enterprises are looking to build out in-house apps on mobile platforms. Developers need the right tools to help them do it – especially if coding for a mobile environment isn’t their cup of tea. Salesforce wants to see its 800,000 plus registered developers adopting Touch to make custom mobile apps, says Adam Seligman, vice-president of developer relations at Salesforce.

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