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Based on a recent Info-Tech survey, defining clear environmental/sustainability goals is the single most important factor in Green IT success. At the same time, the organization must follow through with those goals and take tangible actions that will lead to success. This is where the annual review can be an important part of Green IT efforts.

An annual review is an effective mechanism for communicating sustainability goals, gaining staff buy-in, and driving continual improvement. Use this template to:

  • Deliver a message from a visible leader, such as the CEO.
  • Communicate organizational sustainability goals for the upcoming year.
  • Review successes and challenges from the previous year.
  • Outline initiatives directly involving employees, such as committee work and available training.
  • Identify social responsibility or community awards related to sustainability efforts.

Organizations that are most successful with their Green IT initiatives treat sustainability as an ongoing exercise rather than a project that starts and stops.

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